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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Email - 30 May 2011

May 30, 2011
Dear Family,
Que honda Cabros? What’s up? The sky?  I thought so. Well it’s transfer week and I am still in the Spanish ward. So that’s good.
My companion is Elder Gardner.  He was with me during the threesome I worked in when I was transferred to the Spanish area. He is from Murray, Utah, like Elder Stoddard (actually he knows Elder Stoddard).  Anyway, he's a good missionary; he came out the same exact time I did so we both have been out for about 7 1/2 months.  So that’s a bit weird.  He is the senior comp, we weren't told who was or wasn't but I issued him the senior title because he can speak Spanish amazingly good.  My Spanish I have now is like the Spanish he had when he started in the MTC.  So he is really good now.  Also, he has been in the area one transfer longer than me so he knows the place better.  We are doing well together.  We have the same vision for the area, and that is to BAPTIZE.  We are in a rebuilding mode but I know we can do it - even if we are gringos.
Well, I just broke commandment #6 and I killed a missionary.  Elder Alvarado is DEAD!  He is gone, flying home right now back to Arizona.  I will tell you a little bit about him. Alvarado and I got along well.  We laughed about everyday and we had a fun time but we also had some complications here and there.  I would say we had a few heated discussions maybe 4 or 5, and like 2 or 3 serious arguments. Nothing like what happened with me and Elder Stoddard which was we had one every other day. But all in all, we got along great.  He told me that he was hard on my because he wanted me to be the future of this ward and to be the best I can be. He says that I’m perfect for the ward, that I and Gardner are a good duo for the ward. That Elder Gardner has things that I don't and I have things that he doesn't.  For example, I can't speak the language and he can, but I have an outgoing, exuberant personality which he doesn't.  I am willing to put myself out there and he's not.  Elder Alvarado thought I was funny as.  But yeah, he's gone and now we took over.  Also, there isn't 2 companionships in this area anymore. Elder DeCamp is gone as well and didn't come back. I think Elder Gardner and I are going to be companions for 1-2 transfers and then we will split up and bring 2 more Elders into the ward.  I heard some native-Spanish speaking Elders are coming in so I bet we'll be with them soon.
So for transfer meetings we all meet at the "Buckland" house.  Basically, they are some meeting room right near the temple and the mission offices.  At this transfer, all of my comps were there. So I got a picture of all of them.  I got them all rounded up and I got a picture of Elders Stoddard, DeCamp, Alvarado, Miller, and Gardner.  It was cool!  I have had 5 companions already.
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys something last week.  So I bet President Simmons already told Dad this story but I am just going to share it anyway.  Well at Zone Conference, President Simmons told everyone a story that Elder Rakatia, an Elder that Dad is writing to, received his first e-mail from Dad and Dad put President Monson as the title and Elder Rakatia asked his companion if he received a letter from the prophet as well.  Everyone laughed and enjoyed that story.  And the other Elder that Dad is writing to, Elder Vaivela, is actually in my birth place, he is in Freshwater.  And Elder Stoddard, who is now the DL in Manly, which is right below Freshwater, told me that Dad writes some pretty cool stuff.  So there are some stories about what Dad is writing going around the mission.
Also last week, we went bowling again for Alvarado's last time with his favorite LA/RC family, and I bowled the game of my life. I bowled a 178!  I got 5 strikes, including a turkey, and like 3 spares. It was awesome - I printed it out as well. I learned how to spin the ball so I am basically a pro now! ;)
One thing that Elder Gardner and I are going to do is bring the obedience back into the Spanish ward.  Elder Gardner and I are both in agreement that we need to cleanse this place.  So we are striving to be obedient as. And bring the spirit so that we can have success.  We also are deciding not to go bowling anymore because now they have recently added music videos to the screens near the score boards.  It doesn't create the best environment.  It’s not horrible but we really want the spirit here so we can do work.  I am going to miss the bowling but we got better things to do.  We actually decided we will only go bowling if we can bring members and/or investigators and/or RCLA's with us so we can build fellowship.  Also, it would be weird to play with just the 2 of us.
I have also gained 20 pounds in this last transfer but I bet that I won't gain as much weight as I did in the last 6 weeks because we won't be eating as much at member’s home anymore.   So hopefully I don't gain another 20 pounds this next transfer.  If I gain 10-15 pounds more, I will need a new suit and some new clothes because I am almost at my MTC weight and my suit fits perfectly now.  Also, I bought a hard drive so I can store my pictures and also put songs on it. I want you guys to send me some Church songs on USB drives so I can use them in my car.  Also, if you could send me some General Conference talks in Spanish, that would be awesome. So now I can send you my memory cards and just save things on the hard drive. Plus I will mail the CD's shortly.  Well I got to go.
Elder Monson

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