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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pictures From the MTC

David's district and showing where they are all going

The 3 Spanish-speaking Elders headed to Australia

David and his companion, Elder DeCamp, with two missionaries headed to South America

A new form of the "Sword of the Spirit"

David with his companion, Elder DeCamp

David's district at the Provo Temple

David wanted to take with him something that would link him to his sister, who went to Italy/Malta and his brother, who went to Chile.  Jon wore ties that he got when we went to pick up Rachael from her mission in Malta.  David loved the "Malta ties" so he took his, Jon's and Todd's (David's brother-in-law who also went to Italy/Malta) ties with him on his mission.  The Elders in his district all liked the Malta ties so they all wore them to the temple on their prep day.  Here they are showing off the power of the Malta ties!

David's district outside enjoying the sun when it came out.

David's desk where he studies Spanish and the gospel.  He is following his brother's advice of laminating and putting up inspiring pictures to keep him in the right frame of mind.