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Monday, April 25, 2011

David finally got around in sending us some of his pictures from when he left the MTC in December to his 2nd area in Summerhill. 

David and Samuel Smith

On the bus, heading to the airport to fly to Australia

David's 1st area - Freshwater

David's 1st area - Freshwater

Check out the name of the store - where missionaries like to shop

Always was partial to milk and cookies

Just like the way we use to shop at Stop and Shop

David and his companion, Elder Stoddard, at the bus stop

Some of the native birds that perch on the apartment's railing

David sent 27 pictures of these birds.  Ok, we get it, they are colorful!

These lizards are everywhere

David looking pensive as usual

Yeah, its green in Australia

I am sure David sent this picture to scare his parents.  Let's just hope it isn't poisonous!

Who is he kidding, like he is from the hood.

They caught this critter in the church, took 4 of them to finally trap it.

Eating on a prep day

David and his companion with one of his teaching contacts

Elder Monson and Elder Stoddard

Perhaps having too good of a time.

David's 2nd area, he was in a four-some, his companion, Elder Miller, is the one with his arm around David's neck.

When they aren't wearing their white shirts, they are just a bunch of goofy kids.

David always wants to be the tallest in the pictures.

Ninja Elders!

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  1. Wow. David is a hottie with a fine Australian body. I can't get over how tan he is. I hope he likes to hunt for parrots because I will be a colorful little bird for that tall drink of ice cold blue water. Yum yum.